All Is One So Let's Have Fun

Moonshine Herb

1. Snake (1:02)

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2. Scarecrow (3:19)

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3. WarrenMeJam (2:17)

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4. Jam Session-Dan, War, and Me-Feb, 18th, 2006 (6:10)

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5. Dave’s Cat Fiddle (2:40)

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6. WarrenMe Jam on Danny’s Bed (2:40)

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7. Hell Jam (4:21)

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8. Balcony Beatbox (8:05)

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9. Cory Jam (8:32)

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Description: The Ancient Secrets Of Modern Texas: In Loving Memory Of Danny Witte & Warren Hutcheson

Danny Witte: Keys, Vocals

Warren Hutcheson: Guitars, Vocals, Bass

Chris Adams: Drums, Keys, Vocals, Guitar

John Bogart: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Banjo

Nicky Albanesi: Vocals

Ryan Sullivan: Vocals

Katy Billups: Vocals

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