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Hi, my name is Chris. I Live to Create. My favorite color is Magenta. I really like the contrast of pink&green as well as Deep Blue & Brilliant Bright Orange. My favorite BPM (beats per minute) is 180, like the degrees of a triangle. I believe that everything is one. And that the boundaries of terms as You & I are illusions, for there is no time, everything is eternal. We are the color human in the painting we share called life.

I built a website for the world!

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All of the sounds used were originally recorded on a Portable Field Recorder that I have been carrying around for the past five years everywhere i go as I experience life. Later, I use a computer to rearrange the moments I lived into what you hear by simply slowing down or speeding up the playback speed of the moment causing a perceived lowering of pitch or raising of pitch. It is similar to zooming in or changing your perspective of a moment and then combining many moments into one, in likeness of ourself. Enjoy Inspiration!!!

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Presence is Precious, Our Time Together

Blackhole @ Center of eye, I am I, eye am eye, Blackhole recieves light

The eucalyptus trees are covered with ladybugs at sunset in March around here.

Blindfold thousands for Concert!

Ascending & Descending are the same in non-locality.

I could write about forever forever, & probally will

This is the song that never ends, cause it goes on & on my friends...

It can be annoying or you can enjoy singing it

Oh its something

Oh its nothing

Source has really not come up with anything better than this or else it would be doing it

Imagine Living Forever, what would you do forever, now imagine knowing everything forever, now imagine forgetting everything so you could remember it again, sound familar? Remember it all, all as one, one is all, there is, to be

to be in something as if its nothing

Psychedelic death allows us to have the experience of nothing & then return to something as if nothing had happened

Psychedelic death --> Something - Nothing - Something

Oh nothing happened

[There is a picture of a circle with pedel like designs coming from it like a flower and there is an arrow pointing to the absence in the middle of the circle indicating it as "Nothing" while another arrow points at the outer circumfrence of the circle indicating it as "Onething." Coming from the surface of the outer circumfrence of the circle pedals are indicated by an arrow to be "Anything."]

Psychedelic death is a phase shift in conciousness


Yeah why not hold this memory gently in the arms of my eternal self. I know Not to be confused or worried in this world. I'm here. I've returned; didn"t have to come back, now why would I be back here if I didn"t have to be?

I Know You Know I Know

music quality life awareness

Imagine Every Moment

You Are The Eternal Perfectly in the Present



Met the love of my dreams today, she lives in a crowded area, similar to india & her skin changes all sorts of colors, I touched her cheek & it went all crazy like touching mercury but in a different color scheme, blacks & blues & reds, she wore all different beads in her black braided hair, I said that she was truely the most beautiful girl in the world, & she turned a little reddish, I laughed & said your're turning red, even though it wasn't that much, & she said that her life was mine & I understand that I want to be with her, she then explains to me all these different colored potions, all I remember is green is to vomit & purple is ppoison, the others were healing things, then she said a spell to heat up this glass "coffeepot" instantly, I try to read the spell, but not very well, but I feel that I could do it with practice, let myself & this girl stay in contact thru our dreams! I will find her in this universe.

Plant a seed

Grow your food

make your cloths

Tell your friends, "Let Love Rule!"

Learn some medicine, grow some plants, take care of your friends

free energy

free energy

learn electronics it will set you free

I Am so excited to be Me, I have suffered so much so that I may understand suffering personally. So that way I may understand those who suffer. I Am So Joyous to be here, No number of explanation marks can be made to symbolize my excietment.

I Love All, We Are All

I Am All, We Are Love

I Am Love, Love Is All

All is love, Love is One

All is One, The One you Love

I Am One, Yourself

We Are One

When I fight in my dreams, I notice scratches on my body the next day. Doesn't matter how many cloths I'm wearing, so I doubt it's me scrathcing myself in my sleep. Alien Abduction? Maybe? doubt it. More of a psychological trigger of the biological system, my mind "body" is hurt in dream, physical body reacts to mirror mind "body," Not a problem; just something I notice.

So I'm Fighting Myself?

We Fight?

I feel love for all there is for all there is is love to feel

We've been waiting for you here

We can't wait to welcome you back home

This is where you go when you die, you've always know this feeling inside, there is no heaven, there is no hell, there is just a resting place for us all to get well.

Well One

[There is a picture with two contasting overlapping spirals forming a continuous heart pattern that travels both inward and outward to express infinite love of two individuals coming together to create a single heart, the newborn]

God I Am Yes

God Am I Yes

Am I God Yes

Am God I Yes

I God Am Yes

I Am God Yes

God You Are Yes

God Are You Yes

Are You God Yes

Are God You Yes

You God Are Yes

You Are God Yes

God We Are Yes

God Are We Yes

Are We God Yes

Are God We Yes

We God Are Yes

We Are God Yes

I Am


[there is a thumbprint in black ink of the authors thumb]


[There is a small picture of a heart]

Let us Begin by saying that I Do Believe I Am In Love. In Love?! With Who?!? Well, lets say IF


If If If

I Am All One

Now there is nothing but myself.

Who else could I love?

[an infinite heart is attached at the bottom as if it were a signature]

Nothing exists without myself.

This is existing.

I exist

You exist

We are here for each other

I love You because

I Love Myself

I Am Myself

You Are Myself

We Are One

death during psychedelic state is a phase shift in conciousness itself

everything is changed for there is only one conciousness to change

during this psychedelic death the moment itself becomes strangely familiar

We have lived this several times within our lifetime of eternity

I Like Love

Cause We Are One

And Making Love

Is So Much Fun

All Is One

So Lets Have Fun

We Are All That Is

being one

one being

our wonderful self

being our wonderful self

We Are One Having Fun

We Are The One Having Fun

I Love What We Are

We Are What I Love

Helloz Anthony,

Here are two poems:

"or oro r" and "To Be Read Outloud" and some notes on them:

the first poem started out as an experiment in sound similarity and then shifts as the poems title does into self referential reflections and rearranged associations

or oro r

R E Um E

Ari Oom Ni

LaRee oow na

Kay Ray noun ta

Isabella, Isabellaringin'

Ify Coffe

If he coughs he

Lizzy Loves He

Still won't drink the coffe

Why I Oughta'

Wide Eyed Otter

Wig's Worth Of Water


Yes, please Do ME

And I'll speak about God in your presence

Your Names I

My Names You

AND, I get lonely without you

p.s. get higher soon


with this second poem i wanted to address the question of the self and include both the inner and outer conversation as well as create multiple references with a single line of words

==========> Please Read The Following Poem Out Loud <===========

To Be Read Outloud

Hey you, yes you who

IS NOW, Reading This

I Want You, To

At The End of this senctence

think outloud in your head:

"think outloud in your head"

. . .

WHO Just said that


WHO was it that heard that

Maybe Theirs No


p.s. get higher soon

another note on second poem is that if the poem is read out loud the line 'Who Just said that' becomes a double reference both to the previous line in which the listener has thought outloud in their head, and to the fact that the reader has just said the word 'that' creating a unification of self between reader and listener also the line 'maybe theirs no difference' is also a double reference to both that the last poem i shared i used the misuse of the word 'Theirs' and to the previous lines

'p.s. get higher soon' is an attempt at connecting the first and second poems but also a double reference to getting spiritually high and high on cannabis

The difficulty in using the written english language is our form of digesting strings of symbols, that being letters, to reform the concept in our own heads after it has been conceptualized in anotherŐs head and put through an attempt to express it. Expression is where we connect, we look into each otherŐs eyes because it is our eyes that translate vision, if we were to hear each otherŐs ears, this would be a good example of what is trying to be said, and what is our determination to express or connect, what is the inherent thing that we are trying to say behind every word, why language exists in the first place, that sharing...

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